Cornbread Buns

I have not made bread in a while, by while, I mean 2 months, and my next recipe which is coming up soon… requires homemade bread. Not just any bread. It will be good with the Bolo do Caco, Portuguese bread, or cornmeal bread. As I have already posted my Bolo do Caco recipe, I…

Hot Italian Sausage Stew In Honey Garlic Sauce

The smell of the Honey Garlic Sauce will have them running to the diner table. Italian sausage on the go! There are so many varieties, and cuts of meat, that we can use to make stew. Why not Italian sausage? Hot or Mild what do you prefer? Cooked in a delicious honey garlic sauce. Sounds…

Revani or Basbousa Yogourt and Coconut Cake

Basbousa has many names in Arabic Lebanese Basbūsah, other Arab Countries Harīsa, Chamia, and Nammoura, Armenian, Shamali, French, Gabelouze, Kalbelouz, Israel, Shavut, and Tunisian Qualb-el-louz ! Greek and Turkish Revani or Ravani In southern Greece, it is called Ravani, while in the north, it is called Revani. LIKE THE MOVIE 1001 NIGHTS THIS IS 1001 NAMES! So isn’t it about…

Light Chocolate Mousse Cake

Did someone say Chocolate? I’m all ears… few years back I had a friend who was a chef, not only food but pastry chef as well. He used to make awesome desserts, and for a while I had this thing for Chocolate Mousse Cake, he would come over and make it for me within minutes….

Apple Crisp AKA Apple Crumb AKA Croustade au Pommes

A North American, (known as CRISP and British, UK, Australia, New Zealand, known as, CRUMB),tradition especially during autumn, when apples are plentiful. The dish is very popular in Canada. Apple season is in bloom, and the kids in school are going on excursions for some apple picking. Isn’t that great! Apples delivered straight to your home! Thanks kids….